Moonshine Stills for Sale eBayAnyone who knows about moonshine stills will tell you eBay is one of the best sources out there to buy high quality stills. If you’re lookin’ for a moonshine still, then you’ve got to check out all the great moonshine stills for sale on eBay!

Whether you’re lookin’ for a used moonshine still for sale or to save some cash on your new moonshine still for saleMakin’ Moonshine’s eBay Still Guide is here to bring you everything you need to know about the best moonshine still sellers and moonshine stills for sale on eBay.

To see a listing of all the current eBay moonshine stills for sale: CLICK HERE. To learn more about the eBay moonshine still sellers, check out profiles of some of the best out there below.

Makin’ Moonshine Recommended eBay Sellers:

    • alphamoonshinerAlphamoonshiner’s Hillbilly Copper Stills is a family-owned business out of northern Georgia offering 24 gauge copper stills with lead-free soldering. They guarantee satisfaction with their stills and currently offer 3-gallon and 13-gallon moonshine stills. They’ve been on eBay for over seven years and have 99.1% feedback. Prices range from $399 to $550.
    • stevenstillzAn eight-year eBay veteran, this seller has over 100 satisfied customers with 100% perfect feedback. Their all-copper moonshine stills range from 6 to 15 gallons, include a thumper and are made of 22 gauge copper. Prices range from $585 to $995.
    • affordable-distillingAffordable Distilling provides stainless steel boilers paired with a 2” or 3” copper column creating a moonshine pot still ranging from 5 to 55 gallons. They have over 200 satisfied customers and 100% perfect feedback. Prices range from $395 to $1,495.
    • stillman007This ten-year eBay veteran has near perfect 100% feedback. They offer 6 quart and 3 gallon moonshine stills. Their stills are stainless steel boilers with copper columns. Their affordability comes from a rather MacGyver approach, using pre-existing steel pots held on with binder clips. Definitely not your grandpa’s still! Prices range from $90 to $102.
    • bigorangestevveAlso known as on the internet, this manufacturer produces 2-5 gallon moonshine column stills with stainless steel broilers and copper columns, with a couple of his stills able to be run as either a pot or reflux still. They also include links to distilling ebooks and information online. He’s been on eBay for over 14 years and has 99.6% feedback and over 2,000 of satisfied customers. Prices range from $169 to $299.
    • dunncoop: This seller started in January 2013, but already has over 250 satisfied customers with near 100% feedback. They offer reflux moonshine stills in 3 and 4 gallon capacities and column moonshine stills in 17.3 and 24 gallon capacities. They use stainless steel boilers with copper columns. Prices range from $174 to $359.

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Clawhammer Supply Moonshine Stills for Sale

Clawhammer Supply is a Colorado-based manufacturer of premium, 100% copper moonshine stills. Clawhammer Supply moonshine stills are produced by coppersmith Kyle Brown. Kyle got into moonshining after being inspired by a friend, a third generation moonshiner that learned moonshining from his father and grandfather. An experienced beer homebrewer, Kyle originally set out to purchase his first still. But after finding few copper moonshine stills for sale on the market, he decided to build his own. After he purchased his supplies to build his still, he realized he had enough materials to build two more. To help offset the costs of his own still, Kyle decided to sell the other two. Clawhammer Supply was born.

Clawhammer Supply Moonshine Still

Named after the clawhammer banjo playing style, Clawhammer Supply’s moonshine stills for sale come in three sizes: a 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and a 10 gallon version. And these. things. are. awesome!

The reviews on alone are awesome with nothing but 5 stars. Check out these reviews: “Great kit! I bought and built the 10 gallon moonshine still kit from Clawhammer Supply. The company has produced clear, easy to follow instructional videos showing you how to build your still (which is delivered as cut sheet copper). I had never soldered copper before and was pleasantly surprised by how easy Clawhammer made it. I am more than happy with the finished product, it is a work of art. Now if only they had a 100 gallon size…” and “Too cool! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! EXTREMELY fast shipping, quality parts, EXCELLENT communication, clear, easy to follow assembly instructions, and hands down, the best customer service I’ve experienced from anyone that I can remember dealing with. If you’re looking for a fun project with multipurpose value, then don’t hesitate to buy this! Clawhammer Supply is AWESOME!” You can buy your own Clawhammer Supply moonshine still RIGHT HERE!

Each of Clawhammer Supply’s premium moonshine stills are shipped as still kits to be assembled by the moonshiner at home. Clawhammer provides all of the parts and required pipe and fittings, as well as a step-by-step assembly instructions and instruction videos on its website that make assembly easy. All of Clawhammer Supply’s stills feature premium copper rivets and promise perfectly sized, pre-drilled machine cut parts to allow for easy assembly.

Clawhammer Supply’s stills combine features of both pot stills and reflux stills. The result is a versatile still acceptable for distilling a variety of spirits. You can purchase Clawhammer Supply moonshine still kits direct through their website or you can purchase Clawhammer’s stills through

In addition to providing great premium copper stills at excellent prices, Kyle’s website provides a ton of great articles and videos on moonshine equipment, recipes, techniques, etc. Here’s Kyle showing you how to make a moonshine still with the Clawhammer 5 Gallon Moonshine Still Kit:

Moonshine Still Guide: Clawhammer Supply

Still Models1 gallon5 gallon
10 gallon
Gauge16 oz16 oz16 oz
Still Height2 feet3.5 feet5 feet
Still Base6 inches9 inches12 inches
List Price$144$249$374
Total Cost$144$249$374

Makin’ Moonshine Bottom Line: 

High quality, premium, 100% copper moonshine still kits at excellent prices. You’ll need to assemble the still, but Clawhammer Supply has done everything possible to make assembly easy with the great information and videos available on its website. Order with confidence.

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Hillbilly Stills Moonshine Stills for Sale

Mike Haney worked 32 years at a paper mill in Western Kentucky before he found moonshining. Now, Haney is the owner and operator of one of the most successful moonshine businesses in America – Hillbilly Stills.

Today Haney, his son Matt, and their team run Hillbilly Stills out of their shop in Barlow, Kentucky manufacturing some of the finest moonshine stills for sale on the market. After researching stills, Mike decided he could manufacture a quality still that distilled alcohol much more efficiently and quickly than other moonshine stills on the market. He was right and Mike’s ingenuity has allowed him to build out a successful business around his stills at

Hillbilly Stills manufactures every one of its moonshine stills entirely by hand, one at a time, with a sharp focus on beauty and craftsmanship. Hillbilly Stills offers copper moonshine stills and stainless steel moonshine stills, with their primary products being a mix of copper columns with stainless steel boilers to keep the costs down. But their bread and butter is clearly the Hillbilly Flute®.

Hillbilly Stills Hillbilly FluteThe Hillbilly Flute distillation reflux column is handmade using the highest quality copper components available and is made for use with any boiler. The Hillbilly Flute comes with a 3” premium thermometer and a built in parrot beak. The design has actually been adapted and scaled down from their commercial still designs allowing the home distiller access to professional quality design and output at the home distillation level. Hillbilly Stills even claims this thing can produce more than a gallon an hour at 90% purity or better!

Hillbilly Stills recommends the Hillbilly Flute with their 13 gallon moonshine still kit or their 26 gallon moonshine still kit. Both boilers are stainless steel and come with a ball valve drain on the bottom and the tops open to a 6″ neck with the copper Hillbilly Flute attaching to the boiler via an included tri- clamp. An all-copper 30 gallon moonshine still kit is also available.

Hillbilly Stills also offers some extremely high quality pot stills for the beginning home distiller. If you’re just getting started, the 8 gallon copper moonshine still kit could be the way to go. This moonshine still kit comes with a 2 inch copper pot still head and is one of Hillbilly Stills most popular moonshine stills for sale. If you need something a little bigger, check out the 13 gallon copper moonshine still kit with the 3 inch copper still head. Great news is that you can now find Hillbilly Stills moonshine stills for sale on eBay now!

The moonshine stills are just the tip of the iceberg at Hillbilly Stills. These guys literally have everything you need to make your own moonshine at home, and then some. They also offer some great informational and educational videos about moonshining, like this one:

Moonshine Still Guide: Hillbilly Stills

Still Models8 Gallon Kit No Burner8 Gallon Kit w/ Burner

13 Gallon Kit No Heat13 Gallon Kit w/ HeatHillbilly Flute 13 Gallon Kit w/ HeatHillbilly Flute 26 Gallon Kit w/ Heat
MaterialCopper & Stainless SteelCopper & Stainless SteelCopper & Stainless SteelCopper & Stainless SteelCopper & Stainless SteelCopper & Stainless Steel
Kit Includes8 Gallon Mash pot with domed lid
2 Inch Copper pot still head
2 bags of Hillbilly Stills Turbo Yeast
Hose kit
8 Gallon Mash pot with domed lid
2 Inch Copper pot still head
2 bags of Hillbilly Stills Turbo Yeast
Bayou Classic propane burner (Drop ships from manufactuer)
Hose kit
3 Inch copper pot still head
3 Inch tri clamp
3 Inch Silicone gasket
13 Gallon Mash Pot Boiler
Hose Kit
2 bags of Hillbilly Stills Turbo Yeast
3 Inch copper pot still head
3 Inch tri clamp
3 Inch Silicone gasket
13 Gallon Mash Pot Boiler
HS5500 Controller and Heat Element Kit
2 Bags of Hillbilly Stills Turbo Yeast
Hose Kit
Hillbilly flute Distilling column
13 gallon Mash pot / Boiler
HS5500 Phase angle Heat controller
5500 Watt element kit with installation plate
DVD teaching you how to operate the Hillbilly Flute
Tri-Clamp and all seals
Sight Glass Tool
Hillbilly flute Distilling column
26 gallon Mash pot / Boiler
HS5500 Phase angle Heat controller
5500 Watt element kit with installation plate
DVD teaching you how to operate the Hillbilly Flute
Tri-Clamp and all seals
List Price$445.00$520.00$625.00$1,150.00$2,025.00$2,150
Shipping$40 (Est.)$40 (Est.)$75 (Est.)$75 (Est.)$170 (Est.)$175 (Est.)
Total Cost$495.00$560.00$700.00$1,225.00$2,195.00$2,325.00

Makin’ Moonshine Bottom Line: 

It’d be tough to find anyone with higher quality moonshine stills than Hillbilly Stills. They have stills for everyone from commercial distillers to the beginning home distiller. Plenty of still options from all copper top-of-the-line stills to smart uses of stainless to keep costs down where possible. Combine with a full service selection of supplies, equipment, and educational information and it’s no wonder that Hillbilly Stills is among the best sources for moonshine stills in existence today.

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Tim Smith Moonshine Climax Moonshine

You know Tim Smith from Discovery Channel’s hit TV show Moonshiners. If you’re like us and love the show, you know Tim has been on a mission to get out of the hills making moonshine illegally and into his own legal moonshine making operation. Well, Tim’s done it! The Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine is here! While you can’t yet buy Tim Smith Climax Moonshine everywhere, you can always get started on being the next Tim Smith and make your own moonshine at home!

UPDATE!: Lookin’ to buy Tim Smith Moonshine Climax online?  Makin’ Moonshine has found it!  CLICK HERE TO BUY Tim Smith Moonshine right now!

Tim Smith recently signed a deal with Prost Beverage Company to bring the Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine to the growing legal moonshine market. You can really tell there’s a lot of Tim Smith the man going into every bottle of the Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine. Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine takes its name from Tim’s hometown of Climax, Virginia. Tim’s dog “Camo” is proudly displayed on every label.

Interviews with Tim Smith and the Climax Moonshine website make it clear that Tim Smith’s moonshine isn’t just some attempt to capitalize on his name. The Climax Moonshine is pot-distilled from the original Tim Smith family recipe. Tim has stated his Climax Moonshine is different than other legal moonshine on the market, and that you can taste that difference in every bottle. Tim is clearly focused on the craft of distilling, making each batch by hand in small batches. Interesting, though, it appears from a picture at the Climax Moonshine website that Tim is making the moonshine at Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky rather than in Virginia.

Tim Smith’s Original Recipe Climax Moonshine is distilled from corn, rye and barley to 90 proof. The website description says the Original Recipe is clean and natural tasting with a subtle sweetness. The Original Recipe retails for around $24.99-$29.99 for a 750 ml. bottle. 

In addition to the Original Recipe Tim Smith moonshine, Climax Moonshine has plans to also bring two flavored moonshines to market. The website descriptions for Tim Smith’s Grape Lightning and Peach Lightning sound delicious. Both flavored Tim Smith moonshine varieties will be 79 proof and will be distilled the right way – from real fruit – rather than just adding fruit to regular white lightning to infuse the whiskey after its distilled. The Grape Lighting description states “This ain’t no fruit-filled jar of juice. It’s distilled from real grapes for a delicious aroma and subtle hints of Concord grape” and for Peach Lightning “No shortcuts here. Tim’s delicious peach recipe is distilled from real peaches. It’s like biting into a fresh peach.” It ain’t no apple pie moonshine, but that sounds good. It’ll be interesting to see how these fruit-intensive moonshines are priced compared to the Original Recipe.

Tim Smith moonshine is available now in liquor stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the Southeast. Additional distribution online and across the nation is not far away and you can keep track of availability RIGHT HERE. As the Climax Moonshine website says “Climax Moonshine is wanted in all 50 states. But because Tim takes his time to hand craft Climax Moonshine, right now it’s available in limited quantity. Rest assured, Tim’s making it as quickly as he can. Check back here to find a stash near you.” has a great interview with Tim Smith himself that you should check out here for more information on the Tim Smith moonshine and brand.

So how is it? If you’ve gotten your hands on some Tim Smith Climax Moonshine, let us hear from you here in the comments.


StillCraft-Copper-&-Steelworks Moonshine Stills for Sale

StillCraft Copper & Steelworks is a manufacturer of high quality copper moonshine stills and stainless steel moonshine stills based in the U.S. in McHenry, Illinois. StillCraft has been manufacturing some of the best moonshine stills for sale since 2012. All StillCraft moonshine stills are professionally designed and fabricated in ISO facilities and StillCraft stands behind its products with a full 1 year warranty. As you’ll see, their work is incredible.

StillCraft produces the equipment the “big boys” use. You need an $80,000 200 Gallon Distillation System? StillCraft’s got you covered. Lookin’ for a $60,000 100 Gallon Distillation System that’s as beautiful as it is functional? No problem. Totally custom copper or stainless steel moonshine still from 10 Gallons and up? StillCraft will work with you to knock it out of the park! 

What’s great is that StillCraft takes all that skill and knowledge they’ve earned putting together the big rigs for the big boys and makes the perfect home distilling kits for the home distiller.  One of StillCraft’s most popular moonshine stills for sale is its 10 Gallon Mini-System. StillCraft designed this system with features you normally only seen on larger systems. The result is an excellent moonshine still, and a fun system for everyone from the beginning home distiller for home distilling to an old moonshiner to play with. 

StillCraft Original Design Reflux Distillation System for Home Distilling

But what you really need to check out with StillCraft is their new model – the StillCraft Original Design Reflux Distillation System.  This thing is incredible. StillCraft offers the new design in 26 Gallon and 55 Gallon capacities. Here’s the info direct from StillCraft:

StillCraft Original Design Reflux Distillation System

The 26 Gallon Enhanced System is our most popular and never fails to impress even the most advanced users. We have designed the tank with features typically seen on larger units which provides the ability to sustain consistent quality in a small footprint. Coupled with the newly designed 4″ copper column this package will exceed your expectations.

A modular design enables the addition of components to fully round out your system. Add a 4″ Copper Pot Still Head for situations where reflux is not desirable, a 2 Plate Add-on to increase purity, or a Gin Basket to introduce flavors.

The 55 Gallon model is an economic alternative to the copper systems without sacrificing quality or capacity. This system has been designed with an insulated stainless tank loaded with features and includes the NEW Patent Pending 4″ Copper Reflux Column.

Awesome! The StillCraft Original Design Reflux Distillation System columns feature precision welding (not soldered), temp gauge, multiple thermo-probe ports, etc. The tanks feature 304 stainless steel, sight glass, and all the ports you need.

Maybe most importantly, this awesome moonshine still features StillCraft’s original, patent pending design that’s tested to 92% (you can even get that as high as 95% with the 2 plate add-on)!!! And, of course, it’s got the StillCraft 1 year warranty. Do yourself a favor and check these things out immediately!

StillCraft Milk Can Reflux Distillers for Home Distilling

StillCraft Milk Can Reflux Distillation SystemStillCraft also has a really great line of Milk Can Reflux Distillers, which make the perfect system for all you new moonshiners just gettin’ goin’ with home distilling. The Milk Can moonshine tanks come in 8, 13, and 26 Gallon models, with 304 stainless steel columns available in 2”, 3”, and 4” models (custom models also available). StillCraft’s Milk Can Reflux Distillers can be heated directly or with an additional electric heat system. StillCraft’s Milk Can Reflux Distillers feature a temperature probe port and are designed for use with StillCraft’s heating systems. As will all their moonshine stills for sale, StillCraft offers the full 1 year warranty on its Milk Can Reflux Distillers.

One of the most impressive things about moonshine still manufacturer StillCraft is it’s “Price Match Guarantee.” Think you’ve found a lower price on a similar moonshine still item? Guess what? StillCraft will beat it! Just grab the competitor’s ad or website information showing a lower priced product with the same features and design specs, email it to and they’ll get you taken care of. Pretty incredible way to stand behind your products!

In addition to all the great moonshine stills for sale it offers, StillCraft has everything you need to create high quality moonshine, from the StillCraft moonshine stills themselves, to ingredients, fittings and accessories, and even oak barrels to age your whiskey!

StillCraft Moonshine Stills for Sale


Moonshine Still Guide: StillCraft

StillCraft Original Design Reflux Distillation System
Still ModelsMilk Can Reflux DistillersOriginal Design Reflux Distillation System
Materials304 Stainless SteelCopper + 304 Stainless Steel
FeaturesColumn Features:
304 Stainless Steel
3" Diameter
Ferrule Flange Thermometer Port
Water jacketed dephlegmator and condenser
Tri-Clamp and Gasket included

Tank Features:
304 Stainless Steel
Polished Inside and Out
Domed Clamp Lid
26 Gallon 2" Main Ferrule Flange
13 and 26 Gallon have a 3" Main Ferrule Flange
2" Ferrule Flange Thermometer Port (13 and 26 gallon models)
2" Ferrule Flange For Heat System
Temperature Probe Port
Ball Valve Drain
Column Features:
Precision Welded (NOT SOLDERED)
4" Column
4 Plate (4 sight glasses)
Dephlegmator with 2 thermo-ports
Temperature Gauge
U-tube with 2 thermo-ports
Condenser with 1 thermo-port
Recovery Spout with Hydrometer Socket
48"T x 4"D

Tank Features:
Precision Welded
304 Stainless Steel
LEGS with Levelers
Manway Access Port
Temperature Gauge
Thermo-port (for digital heat system probe)
2 Sight Glasses
Fill Port
Agitator Port (2" ferrule)
Heat System Port (2" ferrule)
Ball Valve Drain
Inlet Port (2" ferrule)
37"T x 24"D
Technical Specs 8 Gallon - 13"D x 22"T
13 Gallon - 16"D x 25"T
26 Gallon - 19.5"D x 29.5"T
Average Output Rate: 1.5-2.0 gph
Average Run Time: (Once heated): 2 – 2.5 hours
Heat System: 220V (30 amp) - 5500 Watt
Warranty 1 year full warranty1 year full warranty
Sales Price8 Gallon: $580
13 Gallon: $735
26 Gallon: $895
26 Gallon: $5,595
55 Gallon: $11,495
Est. Shipping8 Gallon: $20
13 Gallon: $40
26 Gallon: $50
26 Gallon: $200
55 Gallon: $500

Makin’ Moonshine Bottom Line:

StillCraft Copper & Steelworks is a truly professional, commercial-level designer and manufacturer of incredible, well-crafted copper moonshine stills and stainless steel moonshine stills. StillCraft leans hard on its years of commercial moonshine still design and fabrication in bringing its high quality stills for home distilling to the home distiller. With StillCraft, you truly get what you pay for. Check out all StillCraft’s moonshine stills for sale today.

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