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You know Tim Smith from Discovery Channel’s hit TV show Moonshiners. If you’re like us and love the show, you know Tim has been on a mission to get out of the hills making moonshine illegally and into his own legal moonshine making operation. Well, Tim’s done it! The Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine is here! While you can’t yet buy Tim Smith Climax Moonshine everywhere, you can always get started on being the next Tim Smith and make your own moonshine at home!

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Tim Smith recently signed a deal with Prost Beverage Company to bring the Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine to the growing legal moonshine market. You can really tell there’s a lot of Tim Smith the man going into every bottle of the Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine. Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine takes its name from Tim’s hometown of Climax, Virginia. Tim’s dog “Camo” is proudly displayed on every label.

Interviews with Tim Smith and the Climax Moonshine website make it clear that Tim Smith’s moonshine isn’t just some attempt to capitalize on his name. The Climax Moonshine is pot-distilled from the original Tim Smith family recipe. Tim has stated his Climax Moonshine is different than other legal moonshine on the market, and that you can taste that difference in every bottle. Tim is clearly focused on the craft of distilling, making each batch by hand in small batches. Interesting, though, it appears from a picture at the Climax Moonshine website that Tim is making the moonshine at Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky rather than in Virginia.

Tim Smith’s Original Recipe Climax Moonshine is distilled from corn, rye and barley to 90 proof. The website description says the Original Recipe is clean and natural tasting with a subtle sweetness. The Original Recipe retails for around $24.99-$29.99 for a 750 ml. bottle. 

In addition to the Original Recipe Tim Smith moonshine, Climax Moonshine has plans to also bring two flavored moonshines to market. The website descriptions for Tim Smith’s Grape Lightning and Peach Lightning sound delicious. Both flavored Tim Smith moonshine varieties will be 79 proof and will be distilled the right way – from real fruit – rather than just adding fruit to regular white lightning to infuse the whiskey after its distilled. The Grape Lighting description states “This ain’t no fruit-filled jar of juice. It’s distilled from real grapes for a delicious aroma and subtle hints of Concord grape” and for Peach Lightning “No shortcuts here. Tim’s delicious peach recipe is distilled from real peaches. It’s like biting into a fresh peach.” It ain’t no apple pie moonshine, but that sounds good. It’ll be interesting to see how these fruit-intensive moonshines are priced compared to the Original Recipe.

Tim Smith moonshine is available now in liquor stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the Southeast. Additional distribution online and across the nation is not far away and you can keep track of availability RIGHT HERE. As the Climax Moonshine website says “Climax Moonshine is wanted in all 50 states. But because Tim takes his time to hand craft Climax Moonshine, right now it’s available in limited quantity. Rest assured, Tim’s making it as quickly as he can. Check back here to find a stash near you.”

BourbonBlog.com has a great interview with Tim Smith himself that you should check out here for more information on the Tim Smith moonshine and brand.

So how is it? If you’ve gotten your hands on some Tim Smith Climax Moonshine, let us hear from you here in the comments.


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