Clawhammer Supply Moonshine Stills for Sale

Clawhammer Supply is a Colorado-based manufacturer of premium, 100% copper moonshine stills. Clawhammer Supply moonshine stills are produced by coppersmith Kyle Brown. Kyle got into moonshining after being inspired by a friend, a third generation moonshiner that learned moonshining from his father and grandfather. An experienced beer homebrewer, Kyle originally set out to purchase his first still. But after finding few copper moonshine stills for sale on the market, he decided to build his own. After he purchased his supplies to build his still, he realized he had enough materials to build two more. To help offset the costs of his own still, Kyle decided to sell the other two. Clawhammer Supply was born.

Clawhammer Supply Moonshine Still

Named after the clawhammer banjo playing style, Clawhammer Supply’s moonshine stills for sale come in three sizes: a 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and a 10 gallon version. And these. things. are. awesome!

The reviews on alone are awesome with nothing but 5 stars. Check out these reviews: “Great kit! I bought and built the 10 gallon moonshine still kit from Clawhammer Supply. The company has produced clear, easy to follow instructional videos showing you how to build your still (which is delivered as cut sheet copper). I had never soldered copper before and was pleasantly surprised by how easy Clawhammer made it. I am more than happy with the finished product, it is a work of art. Now if only they had a 100 gallon size…” and “Too cool! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! EXTREMELY fast shipping, quality parts, EXCELLENT communication, clear, easy to follow assembly instructions, and hands down, the best customer service I’ve experienced from anyone that I can remember dealing with. If you’re looking for a fun project with multipurpose value, then don’t hesitate to buy this! Clawhammer Supply is AWESOME!” You can buy your own Clawhammer Supply moonshine still RIGHT HERE!

Each of Clawhammer Supply’s premium moonshine stills are shipped as still kits to be assembled by the moonshiner at home. Clawhammer provides all of the parts and required pipe and fittings, as well as a step-by-step assembly instructions and instruction videos on its website that make assembly easy. All of Clawhammer Supply’s stills feature premium copper rivets and promise perfectly sized, pre-drilled machine cut parts to allow for easy assembly.

Clawhammer Supply’s stills combine features of both pot stills and reflux stills. The result is a versatile still acceptable for distilling a variety of spirits. You can purchase Clawhammer Supply moonshine still kits direct through their website or you can purchase Clawhammer’s stills through

In addition to providing great premium copper stills at excellent prices, Kyle’s website provides a ton of great articles and videos on moonshine equipment, recipes, techniques, etc. Here’s Kyle showing you how to make a moonshine still with the Clawhammer 5 Gallon Moonshine Still Kit:

Moonshine Still Guide: Clawhammer Supply

Still Models1 gallon5 gallon
10 gallon
Gauge16 oz16 oz16 oz
Still Height2 feet3.5 feet5 feet
Still Base6 inches9 inches12 inches
List Price$144$249$374
Total Cost$144$249$374

Makin’ Moonshine Bottom Line: 

High quality, premium, 100% copper moonshine still kits at excellent prices. You’ll need to assemble the still, but Clawhammer Supply has done everything possible to make assembly easy with the great information and videos available on its website. Order with confidence.

Click here to order a Clawhammer Supply copper moonshine still now!


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