Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

If you’re lookin’ for a crowd pleasin’ moonshine recipe, you’ve gotta try this apple pie moonshine recipe from Kyle Brown of Clawhammer Supply. When you’re done learnin’ how to cook up some delicious apple pie, check out Kyle’s copper moonshine stills on our moonshine stills for sale page.

Apple Pie Moonshine Ingredients:

1 quart 120 proof corn whiskey moonshine (or Everclear vodka as a substitute)

1-2 cans of frozen apple concentrate*

2-4 cinnamon sticks

1-2 cups brown sugar*

*Adjust for desired sweetness 


Apple Pie Moonshine

Well hey there all ya’ll Moonshiners! If you live where I live, then you know this weather has been crazy lately. But as the weather turns, you know us moonshiners always have just what you need to keep warm: Apple Pie Moonshine!

Apple Pie Moonshine is the perfect prescription for anything colder weather can throw atcha. Spicy, appley, you just try to find me someone who doesn’t think Apple Pie Moonshine isn’t delicious! Apple Pie Moonshine has become the most popular flavor of moonshine as people all over the country, and world, have come to learn how delicious a nice, warming chug of apple pie moonshine can be on a cool evening.

If you’ve never tried Apple Pie Moonshine, or if you need to put together your next batch, check out what our friend Kyle over at Clawhammer Supply has for ya – a ready to go Apple Pie Moonshine Spice Mix. All you need to do is add this Apple Pie Moonshine Spice Mix kit to your favorite ‘shine or other distilled spirit and you’re about good to go!

This Apple Pie Moonshine Spice Mix will get you enough spice to make 3 quarts of 80 proof apple pie moonshine. You’ll also need about 1750ml of your “distilled spirit” of choice (vodka will git ‘er done, but we know what you like around here!), three cans of apple juice concentrate, and a few mason jars. Mix the spice mix into the spirit, shake ‘er up, let it come together over night and you’ve just made your very own Apple Pie Moonshine!

For more information from Kyle at Clawhammer Supply, check out his site at Or, he’s got a great post up on the Clawhammer Supply blog on “How to Make Apple Pie Moonshine“, which is great, particularly if you’re looking to take a bit of a more “authentic” approach to the base spirit for your apple pie moonshine.

Of course we’ve also got some great info for you here at over at our Moonshine Recipes and How to Make Moonshine pages. If you think you’re ready to put down that vodka and get going with the real deal, you’ll find everything you’ll need at our world famous Makin’ Moonshine Still Guides page right here!

So, how about you?

Already got a great Apple Pie Moonshine recipe of your own? Well, go on, spread the love in our comments section!



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