Moonshine Stills for Sale eBayAnyone who knows about moonshine stills will tell you eBay is one of the best sources out there to buy high quality stills. If you’re lookin’ for a moonshine still, then you’ve got to check out all the great moonshine stills for sale on eBay!

Whether you’re lookin’ for a used moonshine still for sale or to save some cash on your new moonshine still for saleMakin’ Moonshine’s eBay Still Guide is here to bring you everything you need to know about the best moonshine still sellers and moonshine stills for sale on eBay.

To see a listing of all the current eBay moonshine stills for sale: CLICK HERE. To learn more about the eBay moonshine still sellers, check out profiles of some of the best out there below.

Makin’ Moonshine Recommended eBay Sellers:

    • alphamoonshinerAlphamoonshiner’s Hillbilly Copper Stills is a family-owned business out of northern Georgia offering 24 gauge copper stills with lead-free soldering. They guarantee satisfaction with their stills and currently offer 3-gallon and 13-gallon moonshine stills. They’ve been on eBay for over seven years and have 99.1% feedback. Prices range from $399 to $550.
    • stevenstillzAn eight-year eBay veteran, this seller has over 100 satisfied customers with 100% perfect feedback. Their all-copper moonshine stills range from 6 to 15 gallons, include a thumper and are made of 22 gauge copper. Prices range from $585 to $995.
    • affordable-distillingAffordable Distilling provides stainless steel boilers paired with a 2” or 3” copper column creating a moonshine pot still ranging from 5 to 55 gallons. They have over 200 satisfied customers and 100% perfect feedback. Prices range from $395 to $1,495.
    • stillman007This ten-year eBay veteran has near perfect 100% feedback. They offer 6 quart and 3 gallon moonshine stills. Their stills are stainless steel boilers with copper columns. Their affordability comes from a rather MacGyver approach, using pre-existing steel pots held on with binder clips. Definitely not your grandpa’s still! Prices range from $90 to $102.
    • bigorangestevveAlso known as on the internet, this manufacturer produces 2-5 gallon moonshine column stills with stainless steel broilers and copper columns, with a couple of his stills able to be run as either a pot or reflux still. They also include links to distilling ebooks and information online. He’s been on eBay for over 14 years and has 99.6% feedback and over 2,000 of satisfied customers. Prices range from $169 to $299.
    • dunncoop: This seller started in January 2013, but already has over 250 satisfied customers with near 100% feedback. They offer reflux moonshine stills in 3 and 4 gallon capacities and column moonshine stills in 17.3 and 24 gallon capacities. They use stainless steel boilers with copper columns. Prices range from $174 to $359.

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