Time to mark your calendars, Moonshiners fans! Discovery Channel has just announced that the all-new Moonshiners Season 3 will premier Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 9/8c! Discovery announced the Moonshiners start date date with a new video, which I’m sure you’ve already checked out above.

The premier of Moonshiners Season 3 will pick up with with Tim Smith, Tickle, and the rest of the Moonshiners crew where Moonshiners Season 2 left off. Fans of the show will no doubt remember the end to last season with Tim Smith getting ready to go into the legal moonshine business. Tim Smith has since launched his business Tim Smith Moonshine and Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine in Georgia and South Carolina with more states soon to be added.

With the Season 3 premier date now set, it’s time to catch up on past episodes of the hit show. Check out Moonshiners: Season 1 here and Moonshiners: Season 2 right here.

“Many will try, but few will shine.”


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