Whiskey and Colonial America

Whiskey in Colonial America

Moonshining in America dates back to the early 1600’s. Moonshine legend has it that American colonist and Englishman George Thorpe was the first to distill corn whiskey in the United States in the fall of 1620 in what is now Gloucester County, Virginia. Thorpe is said to have brewed a simple beer from corn he obtained from the native Powhatan Indians. Thorpe then distilled this mash, creating the first whiskey from corn, the base of which forms moonshine and, when aged in American oak, bourbon.

Thorpe was not the first person to make whiskey, of course. Whiskey enjoys an even longer history than moonshine, dating back many hundreds of years. Early American settlers were likely versed in the Scotch Irish traditions of whiskey making. But what they found here was a new ingredient than they had available at home – corn – which would come to launch liquor distillation, and moonshine, in America.

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