Moonshining: An American Tradition

Moonshine Still

Illegal moonshining has waned somewhat from its peak in the 1960’s and 1970’s. But today a growing number of legit, legal moonshines are coming on to the market, many from well-known legendary moonshiners like Tim Smith of the Discovery Channels’ “Moonshiners” and even a ‘shine supposedly based on Popcorn Sutton’s own recipe and affiliated with Hank Williams Jr.

The rise in legal moonshine is a result of government taxation of the moonshine whiskey, which comes in at as much as $15.50 in tax alone just for a gallon. The rapid rise of craft breweries and homebrewing beer has also given rise to a new generation of micro distillers. It’s also paved the way for a growing interest in home distilling, despite the illegality of distilling liquor, even for personal consumption, without a federal license.

Though it is illegal to distill liquor without a permit, it is still legal to own a whiskey still or moonshine still. You can easily find a moonshine still for sale online via marketplaces like Amazon and through a number of still makers providing everything from copper stills to pot stills to stainless steel stills to whiskey still kits.

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