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You know Tim Smith from Discovery Channel’s hit TV show Moonshiners. If you’re like us and love the show, you know Tim has been on a mission to get out of the hills making moonshine illegally and into his own legal moonshine making operation. Well, Tim’s done it! The Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine is here! While you can’t yet buy Tim Smith Climax Moonshine everywhere, you can always get started on being the next Tim Smith and make your own moonshine at home!

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Tim Smith recently signed a deal with Prost Beverage Company to bring the Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine to the growing legal moonshine market. You can really tell there’s a lot of Tim Smith the man going into every bottle of the Tim Smith moonshine Climax Moonshine. Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine takes its name from Tim’s hometown of Climax, Virginia. Tim’s dog “Camo” is proudly displayed on every label.

Interviews with Tim Smith and the Climax Moonshine website make it clear that Tim Smith’s moonshine isn’t just some attempt to capitalize on his name. The Climax Moonshine is pot-distilled from the original Tim Smith family recipe. Tim has stated his Climax Moonshine is different than other legal moonshine on the market, and that you can taste that difference in every bottle. Tim is clearly focused on the craft of distilling, making each batch by hand in small batches. Interesting, though, it appears from a picture at the Climax Moonshine website that Tim is making the moonshine at Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky rather than in Virginia.

Tim Smith’s Original Recipe Climax Moonshine is distilled from corn, rye and barley to 90 proof. The website description says the Original Recipe is clean and natural tasting with a subtle sweetness. The Original Recipe retails for around $24.99-$29.99 for a 750 ml. bottle. 

In addition to the Original Recipe Tim Smith moonshine, Climax Moonshine has plans to also bring two flavored moonshines to market. The website descriptions for Tim Smith’s Grape Lightning and Peach Lightning sound delicious. Both flavored Tim Smith moonshine varieties will be 79 proof and will be distilled the right way – from real fruit – rather than just adding fruit to regular white lightning to infuse the whiskey after its distilled. The Grape Lighting description states “This ain’t no fruit-filled jar of juice. It’s distilled from real grapes for a delicious aroma and subtle hints of Concord grape” and for Peach Lightning “No shortcuts here. Tim’s delicious peach recipe is distilled from real peaches. It’s like biting into a fresh peach.” It ain’t no apple pie moonshine, but that sounds good. It’ll be interesting to see how these fruit-intensive moonshines are priced compared to the Original Recipe.

Tim Smith moonshine is available now in liquor stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the Southeast. Additional distribution online and across the nation is not far away and you can keep track of availability RIGHT HERE. As the Climax Moonshine website says “Climax Moonshine is wanted in all 50 states. But because Tim takes his time to hand craft Climax Moonshine, right now it’s available in limited quantity. Rest assured, Tim’s making it as quickly as he can. Check back here to find a stash near you.”

BourbonBlog.com has a great interview with Tim Smith himself that you should check out here for more information on the Tim Smith moonshine and brand.

So how is it? If you’ve gotten your hands on some Tim Smith Climax Moonshine, let us hear from you here in the comments.


29 Responses to Tim Smith Moonshine Climax

  1. lisa gibson says:

    They have’nt got here in the state of Virginia yet wish they would

  2. John Marco says:

    Hurry up and bring it to Texas!

  3. Marcel Renson says:

    I want tims shine PLEASE tell me how I can get it short of driving to south carolina can I order it over the web!Thank You Marcel

  4. slaukers says:

    cant wait to try your moonshine, good luck

  5. john gilmore says:

    hey Tim , bring that shine back home to Virginia where it all began and sell it here in Norfolk va., you know it will sell like hot cakes!let’s see what we can do to get it legal to sell in va. it is a va. recipe and that is where it should be made and sold. just my two cents worth.hope to see it here sooner than later, sincerely J.R.Gilmore

  6. Ed Bacha says:

    90 proof is what I am looking for. The only Moonshine I have found in Texas is some 50 proof soda pop. If you know a place that can top that let me know. Come on Climax.

  7. vanessa says:

    Waiting to get some moonshine in Chicago! Or even online!

  8. mark perry says:

    How can i get it over the web

  9. Joe Burt says:

    Just got some Climax Peach Lightning and it’s awesome! Bit of a bite at first but doesn’t burn going down. The peach after taste that lingers for a few minutes reminds me of a fresh peach on a hot summer say. I love it and look forward to trying the Grape and Original, if I can ever find them lol. Long live Tim Smith and his shine!

  10. JOHN EVANS says:

    Great job Tim!! I hope you can get your shine to New Mexico soon!! Even Texas would be great. If you just need to mail something to New Mexico please remember my email. Lol

  11. Jane Dorn says:

    Where can I find the peach moonshine in south Carolina?

  12. Toby says:

    Is there talk about bringing it to Texas?

  13. melissa says:

    Hey Tim I live in Idaho and across a bridge is Washington can we order your famous shine and have it shipped here. I’ve watched your show and know a lot of others who do too. We all want to purchase from you but…your distilerys are no where even close. Hope to hear good news or at least a reply if you can’t ship here. Or name the closest place to us . Thank you very much. Glad things worked out for you. Melissa
    send emailsend email done

  14. Kyle Sattler says:

    When will you be Exporting Climax to Down Under Australia?

  15. Ellen Derx says:

    Please please bring your moonshine to Rogers Arkansas!!!! We are your biggest fans keep on shining Tim!!! Sincerely, Ellen & Dane Derx

  16. Aron Travis says:

    can we get it shipped to connecticut?

  17. Paul says:

    Hey Tim lets work a little harder to supply more of your stuff. I was lucky enough to have tasted some of your moonshine once before. So looking forward to get some again.

  18. Keith says:

    Can climax be got over the web? I want to try the Peach brandy

  19. Micky says:

    I’m in Florida right now but leaveing Friday for. Short drive to Massachusetts and want to pick up a half dozen bottles on the way. Where can I do this. ? Traveling 95 north .

  20. Eric says:

    Thanks Tim, my sister was lucky enough to get here hands on a bottle of climax original in Maryland. Will sure treasure this bottle.

  21. shineman says:

    Well I’m sorry ya ll don’t have tims shine we in Tennessee sure do have it and ya ll are missing out on it to very good stuff

  22. Dave says:

    Just found Tim’s shine in Ohio and it is the best I’ve ever had. Tried to buy it on line but the wait was way too long. Just happened to find it in our state store…Great taste Tim, Keep up the good work. Hope to see the 2014 show schedule soon…Dave in Ohio

  23. Allen says:

    Just read where Tim has finally gotten things right with the Va. ABC Board and can now brew his shine in his home state of Va!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

  24. Dennis Lamb says:

    I have a bottle of your GRAPE LIGHTNING AND MAN IS IT SMOOTH. i would love to have a real picture of your faithful dog Camo with his paw print if at all possible to hang up next to our departed dog GRETAL. If there is room for you in the photo and signed by you then that would be extra nice. Wishing you and Camo the best of luck !!!

  25. Ulla Sørensen says:

    Hey Iam from Denmark . Where Can i buy climax moonshine. I hope You Can helt mé .

  26. JOHN GOOD says:

    The best shine i have ever had glad to see you back in Virginia. yous is the best on the market and dont think it will ever be beat

  27. Steven trott says:

    High Tim please can you tell me if you will be shipping your moonshine to the uk.

  28. Truck says:

    Available at Shine Town off of 77 just outside of Columbia,SC

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